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Gandeys Circus

Gandeys All Human Spectacular Thrill Circus -Your Circus is back with a NEW SHOW for 2022!

Gandey's Circus will be at Nobles Park from Thursday 24th to Monday 28th March 2022.


Your Circus is back in 2022 with its Greatest Show Yet!


An international cast of over 30 artistes and live musicians, come together to wow audiences in a production staged in Gandeys Big Top of Dreams equipped with the latest theatre-standard lighting and sound effects!

It’s even bigger! Even more spectacular!

The Gerlings will not only be braving the heights of the Wire but their Motorbikes roar as they race around in the iron thunderdome in the centre of the circus ring at 45 miles an hour and the G Force of a fighter jet!!!

From The City of Dreams that is Mumbai ... Aditya Mhskar, with the incredible Mallakhamb Pole – a mixture of Aerial Yoga, Gymnastics and Wrestling holds in a century old artform

 The electrifying adrenaline-fuelled excitement of the flying saddles from the Sioux Nation

From Cuba The towering Rola Rola

topped off with Europe’s favourite clown Chico Rico, who returns by popular demand to create mayhem and mirth!

It is thrills, excitement and laughter for the entire family, as you’re elevated to new heights of world class live entertainment.

We look forward to welcoming you once again in 2022 with our brand-new production ROAR,from our family to your family.