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Ramsey Angling Festival

The rich Manx coastline and great fishing locations are an anglers dream and, as such, has a range of angling events happen on the Island every year.

The Ramsey Angling Festival happens in July each year and is one of the biggest angling events. As such it is supported by the Department of Tourism and Leisure and draws entrants from around the UK. Although part of the draw is the famous Manx coastline, another is the prize fund of over £7000 with a first prize of over £1000.

The price to enter is £60 for a 3 day match with Penn Points but while competitors can visit to enjoy the competition, their families can also make the most of the trip, perhaps taking the mountain railway down to Laxey and enjoying the many Manx heritage sites such as the Laxey Wheel. 

The Ramsey Angling Festival will take place 19th - 23rd June 2019.

Further information on the event can be found on the Ramsey Angling Club website.