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Basking Sharks close encounter on the Isle of Man

A group of local kayakers paddling in the Isle of Man encountered a rare treat recently when they came up close and personal with a massive basking shark. The shark was happily feeding on plankton rich waters off the coast of Port Erin when it came in close proximity to the kayak group.

Local resident Jennifer Kneale, an experienced kayaker from 7th Wave sailing school and a team of kayakers paddled in the bay when they came across the shark feeding. The group followed the Basking Shark Code of conduct, whereby all vessels and kayakers have to keep still and watch so as to not scare the animal. The shark seemed unconcerned by the kayaks.

Basking sharks can grow up to 32 feet long and are the second largest fish alive. They pose no threat to humans whilst they feed on plankton with the massive jaws. 

Click here to view the footage.