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Running & Walking

Looking for running, hiking or walking events on the Isle of Man? Let the Isle of Man’s stunning scenery take your breath away as you explore its unbeatable terrain on foot. This small but mighty island offers a mixture of picture-perfect coastal views, rolling hills, rugged mountains and flat stretches to challenge all types of runner, hiker or walker.

For an intense walking race try the End of End Walk, a 39.22 mile race which starts from the Point of Ayre in the North of the island and takes a final descent at The Sound in the South.

Test your long distance stamina with the Isle of Man 100 Mile Walk, or the 85 mile Manx Telecom Parish Walk that has to be completed within 24 hours!

Marathon runners will be put to the test with the Manx mountain marathon & half-marathon which takes place in Spring and boasts a 2600m ascent, or the Microgaming Isle of Man Marathon in the Summer. The running events take contestants from the North to the South of the Isle of Man along scenic coastlines and sweeping glens that are not to be missed.