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Weird and Wonderful Natural Phenomena Around the World

Sometimes nature can throw up something that makes you sit up and gasp in amazement. Whether it is Manannan’s Cloak engulfing the Isle of Man or the Aurora Borealis lighting up the sky, some things seem so incredible in their nature that it is impossible to not be stunned. However, the world is so vast and some events so rare that it would be extremely difficult to see everything that nature has to offer…

That is why VisitIOM have searched high and low, from the neurons of our brains to the planets in outer space, to find 30 of the most weird and wonderful natural phenomena. We have even done our best to explain why some of them occur – not always an easy task!

So sit up straight, fix your eyes below and let your jaw drop as you discover some of the most unbelievable natural events from around the world.

Weird and Wonderful Natural Phenomena Around the World

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