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The Tough Events Bucket List

Whether you’re plunging 15 feet into a pit of muddy water, being chased by zombies or sprinting through electrified wires, obstacle races are an incredible fun experience. As the demand for them continues to grow there are increasingly more races to choose from, each offering their own unique twist and finding novel ways to get you soaking wet and covered in mud!

That is why VisitIOM have gathered all you need to know about some of the most exciting events being run. We have gathered all the information you could wish for including where they are held, how much they cost and (most importantly!) what you will get for completing the race - all in one infographic!

It’s time to dust off your running shoes and begin your training so you can work through the races featured on The Tough Events Bucketlist. Challenge yourself and conquer your fears as you tick off some of the most enjoyable races out there!

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