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Rallies in the Isle of Man

With a history of closed road racing, and a variety of stages available, the Isle of Man is a great place for motor sport and, while motorcycle events such as the TT and Classic TT are always popular, rallying is becoming more and more important on the Island.

Now considered part of the heart of British and Irish rallying, the Manx countryside offers closed public roads with a range of scenery from main roads and farm lanes through to unique special stages.

Popular events include the Manx National Rally which started in 1979 and starts and finishes at the TT Grandstand, and Rally Isle of Man, which covers 160 stage miles and includes the Harris Prom Special Stage.

In particular these rally events are ideal for spectators as, not only do they allow genuine up close and personal viewing locations, they are also at quieter periods of the year on Island. This means you can pick and choose your accommodation to better fit your tastes, from premium hotels through to more authentic B&B locations scattered throughout the Manx countryside.