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World Championships unique to the Island

The Isle of Man has a high sporting pedigree. Motorsports events such as the TT races and Isle of Man Rally are known around the world and form part of many other championships. Walking events are represented with the famous stand-alone Parish Walk and 100 Mile walk.

With so many sporting events happening throughout the year it is no surprise the Isle of Man also hosts world championship events. The first of these is the Viking Long Boat Championship where hundreds of competitors each year compete in teams of 10 for the fastest time around the 400m course in Peel harbour.

Another world championship hosted annually is the World Tin Bath Championship held in Castletown. Although fun and, at times, comedic event this is no less hotly contested with several individuals pushing hard for the win and even, occasionally, rumours of illegal tin bath enhancements!

These sort of events are ideal to time a visit to the Isle of Man as not only are they great spectator sports but you can enter and, just possibly, capture the title of World Champion yourself.