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Isle of Man 100 Mile Walk

The Isle of Man Parish Walk is a great annual event on the Isle of Man and is hugely popular, attracting competitors from around the world. But, even at 85 miles, some competitors find it too short, particularly if they are looking to add the title "Centurion" to their list of fitness achievements.

If you want to earn your "Centurion" title, then the Isle of Man 100 mile walk could be the way to go about it. Utilising a 1 mile loop around Castletown this August event is less a race and more a pure physical challenge.

Unlike the Parish Walk, with its large changes in altitude and traditional route, the 100 Mile walk is on a flat circuit and the goal is pure distance with a 24 hour cut off.

With electronic timing tags attached to your shoes you will be sure of an exact read over the distance and, if you complete the walk, you get to truly call yourself a "Centurion".  Just be sure to get plenty of training in and visit some of the local shops to stock up on equipment and energy gels.

The event will take place 17th - 18th August 2019.