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Isle of Man International Darts Festival

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The Isle of Man is well-known for its sporting events. With Motorsports such as the SMCC Manxduro and unique events such as the Tough Mann Adventure Challenge and Viking Long Boat World Championships there are plenty to choose from as a competitor or a spectator.

The Isle of Man also hosts some lesser known but highly regarded events in niche sports. One such event is the International Darts Festival which was held for the 30th time in March 2015. This 4 day event draws some of the top names in the sport of darts including a number of world champions.

Part of the appeal is the substantial prize money on offer for winners but also the BDO category ranking points on offer for those who do well in the competitions act as a draw to competitors looking to compete at championship level.

For festival visitors to the Isle of Man, either darts players or spectators, there is the ideal opportunity to visit some of the local breweries offering unique award-winning Manx beers once the games are finished, helping round out the trip into a full holiday.

It offers fantastic prize monies for the winners!