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Manx Grand Prix

Manx Grand Prix 2024 will run from the 18th of August to the 26th of August.  Further information can be found on the Manx Grand Prix website.

While the annual TT races are the most famous use of the Snaefell Mountain Circuit, there are also a number of events which make use of it which are less well known, but no less exciting.

The Manx Grand Prix is considered the amateur rider's alternative to the TT and covers a 2 weeks period around the end of August/start of September each year. The race started in 1923 and is famous for having the first woman to race (Gloria Clark in 1989), and the first woman to win a race on the Mountain Course (Carolynn Sells in 2009).

The first week of the period is practice week where riders must complete a minimum number of laps at a satisfactory speed in order to qualify for the main weeks racing.

The Manx Grand Prix practicing takes place alongside the Classic TT practicing.

Racing week consists of six four lap races of the circuit spread out over the days so they can be moved if weather is not suitable to race on any given day.

Outside of TT week this is a very popular event and offers a real opportunity for race fans to enjoy the excitement of road racing and possibly even see a future TT winner work their way up into the pro ranks.