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World Championship Viking Longboat Races

The history of the Isle of Man is rich in Viking Culture. With heritage locations such as the House of Manannan you can explore this culture and learn about how the Manx people and culture were formed. But what do you do if you want to live the Viking lifestyle a little more?

The Viking long Boat Championships give you and 9 others the chance to experience what it was like to be a Viking at sea in a 400m sprint race around Peel harbour. The large Viking style boats and heavy 3.3m oars will force you to work as a team in your 10 person crew as you do a timed lap around the harbour, competing against several hundred other competitors made up from local companies, teams, and groups who have made the journey to the Island.

Started in 1963 the race is held in July each year and is one of the highlights of the Manx sporting calendar, both for its challenge and its unique nature. Combined with other unique events, such as the Adventure Race and the Tough Mann Adventure Challenge, the Viking Long Boat Championships are a prime example of how sporting life is key to the Manx culture.

Further information can be found on the Viking Longboat Races Facebook page.