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Ancient Monuments

With thousands of years of history at your fingertips during your visit to the Isle of Man, your holiday will be packed with visits to ancient monuments.

During your trip not only will you have the chance to visit several museums covering and detailing Manx history, you can also visit one of several ancient monuments. These document Manx life and history as seen through the eyes of the people at the time and give an insight into how they lived.

From the impressive range of Manx stone crosses you will see a fascinating cross-section of Manx history. Starting with early Celtic style tablets with inscriptions in both Celtic and occasionally Latin we then move through to Norse sculpting with iconography from their conversion to Christianity.

With sites such as Meayll Circle you will see unique archaeological monuments with a complicated structure of burial chambers and entrance passages arranged in a large ring.

On the Isle of Man there is even one of the largest Neolithic monuments in the British Isles, Cashtal yn Ard, intended as a tomb for Manx leaders.

The historic tales these monuments tell will not only give you insight into the Manx people who created them, but also into their lives, the challenges they faced dealing with other communities, and their interpretations of the mythologies brought across the sea by Norse visitors.