Isle of Man: Isle of Adventure
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Dark Skies Sites

A small Island, full of open countryside and with few built up areas, the Isle of Man offers an ideal place for you to indulge in some "dark skies" tourism during your holiday.

The Isle of Man has something that is very unique which lends itself to stargazing during your visit. The clarity of the night sky combined with the very low levels of light pollution mean that you will see many astronomical sights, even without the aid of binoculars.

The Plough, one of the most famous constellations visible and made up from the seven brightest stars in the Ursa Major constellation, always serves as a pointer to Polaris, the Pole Star. Viewing this will give you a real feel for how the Vikings travelled and found the Island all those years ago.

Home to 26 of the British Isles Dark Sky sites, the Island offers an extra stargazing incentive during your trip, that of the opportunity to see the Northern lights. This is possible due to the very clear horizon visible from the North of the Island.

With a range of locations and organised events you will be hard pushed to find a more tranquil, relaxing, or ideally clear place to stare up at the night sky than you will on the Isle of Man.