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The Isle of Man coastline is a major draw for lots of visitors to the Island. With a range of environments, walking paths and locations to view wildlife, the Manx coast will undoubtedly be part of your holiday.
The Island's location in the Irish Sea can be treacherous for ships and the Island is estimated to have 1500 shipwrecks in Manx waters. This in turn makes the Manx coast a highly popular destination for divers looking to experience some great locations and dive spots during their holiday.
In addition to the wrecks the Isle of Man also has a tidal range of up to 8m. This creates an ideal feeding ground for marine creatures such as Basking Sharks and Dolphins. As a result divers have an ideal opportunity to spot some of the more unusual wildlife just off Manx Shores.
Afterwards there are a range of entertainment options to keep you and your family happy during your visit, from wining and dining in bars through to nights of music and theatre at the Gaiety in central Douglas.