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Laser Blast

The Isle of Man is well known for its great heritage sites, with a steam railway service running from Port Erin through to the capital of Douglas, and attractions such as the Laxey wheel. Manx Laser Blast offers an alternative to that with cutting-edge computer technology combined with exciting team play to create a great family experience during your trip.

Based at the Manx Fun Farm on the road from Douglas to Laxey, you are provided with a laser and vest kit with 134 sensor points to detect if you have been hit and cause the vest to vibrate. The game takes place in a 3,300 square feet arena, lit by UV light and with fog effects designed to give you a great and exciting experience.

During the games you and your family have the option to work alone as each player is individually scored, or you can work together to defeat other teams. After the game you can always head back to Douglas to visit one of the family friendly restaurants to share tales of your victories and defeats.

Further information can be found on the Laser Blast website.