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Angling is a popular pastime on the Isle of Man which offers a range of perfect locations for you to try your hand at this sport. With a highly accessible coastline you can seek out and find a lot of hidden spots perfect for a quiet hour or two. Once settled into a location you can take advantage of the Gulf Stream waters passing the Island, bringing with them a high number of warm water marine animals.

Alternatively there are 8 reservoirs around the Island for you to visit during your holiday. These are kept well stocked, often with rainbow trout, and they offer a great place to relax away a sunny afternoon or two during your trip.

If you are the more adventurous sort, and you want to try something different during your holiday on the Island, you can even rent specially converted sea kayaks. As well as a great chance to catch larger fish further out, this offers a great way to see some of the famous Manx coastline from a unique angle.

Groups can even take out a fishing charter vessel for the day. This lets you do something completely different as you can try your hand at crab or lobster fishing.