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Heritage Attractions

The wide range and impressive nature of the Manx heritage attractions makes many of the sites "must see" items for your holiday on the Isle of Man. With a wealth of historical locations and a landscape rich in monuments you will begin to understand the Island's 10,000 year history though locations run by Manx National Heritage.

The Laxey Wheel, called the Lady Isabella and so famous they wrote a song about it, is a great sight. Built in 1854 it is a true example of the height of Victorian engineering and at 22m high a climb to the top has been a popular trip for tourists for over 150 years. Situated in the beautiful Laxey countryside it can be reached by electric tram from Douglas for a real day out.

There are 2 castles; Castle Rushen and Peel Castle and both give an insight into Manx history and culture. Originally a place of worship Peel Castle became a fort in the 11th century. Castle Rushen was built for a Norse King in 1265 and developed further between the 13th and 16th centuries. The braver among you could even indulge in a night-time ghost walk around them with a discussion of the supernatural.

At locations such as Cregneash you will get a real view of Victorian Manx life, preserved in a way that will surprise you. With authentic thatched cottages, this living museum is dedicated to preserving the traditional Manx way of life with museum workers performing activities in traditional dress.