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Douglas Horse Trams

It’s a good day for tramming!

We are delighted that the Horse Trams are now back in action following an extensive absence during the Douglas Promenade refurbishment works.

A testimony to Victorian engineering and endurance, the Douglas Horse Trams have been in existence on the Isle of Man since 1876 and celebrated their 140th anniversary on 7 August 2016.

The trams were first introduced to take advantage of the booming tourist trade in Victorian times and to this day still carry tourists, and locals, along the promenades in the summer.

The three-foot gauge Douglas Bay Horse Tramway has been operated by Isle of Man Railways since 2016 using 12 original tramcars which in turn have been receiving a full refurbishment to their full former glory including a double decker tram.

A number of Royal visitors have been carried on the horse drawn tramway including the Queen, late Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.

The horses that pull the trams are known as “trammers” and have an average working life of 15 years. Upon retirement the trammers spend the rest of their lives at the Home of Rest for Old Horses in Douglas.

Visitors can start their journey at Derby Castle or the Villa Marina. After you have boarded the tram simply sit back, relax and enjoy the 1.5 mile journey and the stunning views out to sea.