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Fairy Bridge

Don’t forget to say hello to the little people as you drive over Fairy Bridge on the A5 Douglas to Ballasalla road. Ask any local on the Isle of Man and they’ll tell you that they greet the fairies as they pass over the bridge because it’s considered back luck if you don’t (especially if you’re heading to the airport).

Some visitors write little notes and tie them on the trees next to the bridge in the hope for a little fairy magic. Parking is limited to the roadside only so please be careful in busy periods.

There are tales abound of people’s misfortune who failed to greet the fairies , including chickenpox, lost passports, flight cancellations, cars breaking down and more.

Taxi, bus and coach drivers will usually tell visitors to say hello, and if you’re on board a bus then you will hear the murmur of passengers saying hello as they pass!