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Gaiety Theatre

During your trip to the Isle of Man you will have a huge potential itinerary to choose from. With plenty of heritage sites, long country walks to see the countryside, and fishing boats available to charter you will be spoilt for choice.

The Gaiety Theatre, in the centre of Douglas Promenade in the Island's capital, is a "must see" location. Built in 1899 by architect Frank Matcham as a theatre and opera house it regularly runs a wide range of shows from both visiting and local groups. These range from light-hearted comedies and musicals, through to more serious dramas and operatic productions.

A night out at the Gaiety forms a perfect ending to a day of Manx sight-seeing on your trip. A steam train journey from the South of the Island to Douglas offers an insight to the Victorian way of life, which can be matched with a tour around the Manx Museum.

There are also a range of restaurants in Douglas where you can dine before your performance, and a number of local bars and pubs where you can head for a drink afterwards. If during your visit there are no shows that appeal to you, there are also options to take tours around the gaiety, including the popular ghost tour. 

Further information can be found on the Villa Gaiety website.