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The Isle of Man is situated in the middle of the Irish Sea and it has a rich history of Viking invasions. Fishing is one of the major industries and has supported the Island's community for centuries.   It should therefore come as no surprise that the Isle of Man has a wide range of water sport activities to offer you, and your family, during your trip.

Sailing is very popular, there are a wide range of yacht clubs based around the Island. There are opportunities to go out sailing yourself or, if you are more of a spectator, there are events such as the Round the Island Race which happen every year.

Fancy hitting the sea yourself? As well as organised events you could hire your own equipment and head out for the day in a rented kayak, possibly even getting in a spot of fishing while you do.

For the more adventurous among you there are groups that can keep you and your family entertained during your trip, with the Venture Centre offering a range of camps and days for school children.

Adventurous Experiences are available on Island offering more challenging days out with gorge scrambling, sea kayaking and even coasteering for those of you who really like an adrenaline challenge on your holidays.