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Wildlife Watching

The Isle of Man offers unique opportunities for you to watch wildlife in their native environment. Few things will make your family remember a Manx holiday as much as seeing a live basking shark swim past, or possibly even getting a photo of a pod of dolphins just offshore.

Boat Trips and fishing charters offer an ideal opportunity to get out into the fresh sea air and experience the wildlife of the sea. Gulls fly past crying at you for food, fish swim below and your family builds holiday memories. You will get to see areas of the coastline hidden from land-bound eyes and see, quite literally, a different side to the Island. 

Basking sharks are a common site in the waters around the Island and there are plenty of opportunities to get out and see them if you come at the right time of year. Dolphins and sometimes even Whales can also be spotted, giving you a rare opportunity to see these creatures in their natural habitat during your trip. 

Care must be taken however not to damage the delicate ecosystems, and the Manx Wildlife Trust ensures that both in the sea and on the land, the countryside is protected through their 8 nature reserves and their 2 visitor centres.