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Manx Cultural Attractions Now Online

The Isle of Man’s unique cultural attractions are now online with us.  Traditional heritage attractions such as the island’s steam railway events, Santa trains, Kipper factory tour and Isle of Man Motor Museum are now bookable exclusively online with VisitIOM.co.uk. Booking tickets is now more convenient for the island’s thousands of visitors and local residents each year.  

Some of the island’s unique recreational and outdoor attractions that were previously only bookable in person or over the phone have moved online with VisitIOM.co.uk, helping to broaden the opportunity of more ticket sales which is essential for their long-term survival.   Tickets for local activities such as the Ape Mann adventure parkPowerwheels driving tours, Ballahimmin pony trekking and guided pub walks can now be booked exclusively online.

“The island has some truly unique heritage attractions that we are proud to promote online to visitors. Often our local attractions are run by volunteers or small family businesses that do not have the budget to set up an ecommerce store. By offering the facility of online ticket sales through VisitIOM.co.uk we can cross-promote these attractions to thousands of inbound visitors to the island as well as local residents” comments Business Development Manager Darrel Tinnion.

Seasonal events on board the Isle of Man Steam railway have proven to be the most popular for online ticket sales, the majority of which have been booked by local residents. Tickets for the Manxman Sunday lunch, Fireman’s Brunch, Santa Express train and Christmas Party Jumper Train have been promoted through social media and booked through VisitIOM.co.uk.

“The island’s heritage and cultural attractions need not remain in the past – by moving them online with a fully functioning booking facility we are investing in their future, making them more accessible for generations of visitors to come” concludes Darrel.