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Gandeys Circus

Gandey's Circus returns to the Isle of Man! 2nd - 6th April 2020

Gandeys Circus presents its 2020 UK tour UNBELIEVABLE, featuring an international cast of over 30 performers.  

Join us on a journey from Victorian England through the USA, South America, Bollywood and Africa in an unforgettable fun-filled voyage around the world in 80 minutes!

From the Four corners of the globe we bring together for your enjoyment;

The Latino ensemble of Cuba twist! The all-new Gandeys Flying Saddles - acrobatics inspired by equestrian riding tricks carried out on suspended saddles in the ring!

The roller-skating Duo Eclipse!  And another new sensation for 2020; The awe-inspiring Indian gymnasts show off the ancient skill of Mallakhamb, tumbling up and down a pole to the beat of Bollywood without pause for breath.

Camila the Goddess of the Sky on the trapeze, and Alejandro astonishes in a sky high Rolla Rolla act,

But the thrills don’t end there… back by popular demand – not only do we have the motorbikes tearing around the Thunderdome but we also have the return of the Double Wheel of Death!  All before the encore of a stunning laser light show!