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The 7 Kingdoms: Orienteering Championship

The Isle of Man is well-known for its motor-sport events, from the famous TT fortnight, through to the Manx Grand Prix. In addition to this the unique Manx countryside and coastal regions make excellent locations for other sporting challenges for individuals who enjoy the outdoors.

The 7 Kingdoms: Orienteering Championship takes place 14th September 2019 and involves competitors racing on foot to find all checkpoints on a course as fast as possible, and return to the finish.

Participants test their map reading and cross-country running / walking skills, finding various checkpoints by using only an orienteering map (and compass if required).

The championship is organised by Adventurous Experiences. Keirron Tastagh, the company owner, is a full time adventure sports coach, with his passion and profession being sea kayaking.

Further information can be found on the 7 Kingdoms: Orienteering Championship website.