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Manx Stone Collection

The Isle of Man has a rich history and culture for you and your family to explore during your visit. Protected by the Manx National Heritage there are over 200 decorated stone crosses on the Island, most of which can be found in graveyards and churches around the island.

The earliest Celtic style crosses cover a range from the simpler cross designs through to more complicated designs inscribed with Celtic or Latin lettering. Norse sculptors who settled as part of the Viking culture decorated later stones with images from their mythology, with common iconography such as Mjolnir, Thor's Hammer, visible in the designs.

After viewing some of the crosses in the wild or stumbling across them while out walking or exploring the Island you can visit the Manx Museum for more information. Here you can view casts of all the stones that have been found, giving you ready access and further insight into Manx history and the people who lived it.

Further information can be found on the Manx National Heritage website.