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Meayll Hill

During your trip to the Isle of Man you will, without doubt, have a chance to explore some of the Island's more recent history. If after enjoying the Victorian steam train to Port Erin you decide to venture further South to Cregneash and the Sound, you will have the opportunity to see an example of the Island's ancient culture, the Neolithic passage grave at Meayll Hill.

Near the summit of the hill you will find the chambered cairn called Meayll Circle, consisting of 12 burial chambers. Each pair of chambers has an entrance resulting in 6 entrance passages and the entire grave system is set in a large ring. Built in around 3500 BC many artefacts, including charred bones and flint tools have been found in the chambers.

After visiting the site, and perhaps having a bite to eat and admiring the view out over the coastline and Calf of Man at the Sound cafe, you can head back to Douglas and the Manx Museum, where the artefacts found at Meayll Circle are stored to continue your journey through ancient Manx history. 

Further information can be found on the Manx National Heritage website.