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Keeping the kids entertained on your trip to the Isle of Man can be tricky if they are not fans of traditional outdoor activities such as walking or cycling, however Laser-Mayhem offers a great outdoor activity designed to entertain any kids who are fans of computer games.

Dressing in full camouflage and issued with infra-red guns used in military training and in a range of sizes, this outdoor event takes place in Watertrough Plantation in South Barrule, the same location as Ape Man Adventures.

With weapons fitted with red dot sights and with a range of 400m you will be given a mission brief and then left to fight, either alone or as part of a larger team, and with specific objectives based on the game you are playing.

As well as general game sessions where you will most likely form part of a larger group, the site also offers regular special events, such as Halloween games for the braver among you. 

Further information can be found on the Laser-Mayhem website.