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Many visits to the Isle of Man stay around Douglas, perhaps visiting the Manx Museum, before heading out to other parts of the island. However, in certain other places around the island there is a great opportunity to really experience Manx life as it once was.

At the very south of the island lies Cregneash on Mull Hill. Home to a flock of rare Loaghtan sheep this "living museum" aims to preserve the traditional Manx ways of life and shows the typical way of living in a Manx village from the 19th century.

Opened in 1938 many original Manx cottages have been preserved and display original Victorian fishing and farming equipment. While some private homes are located in the village their exteriors are carefully controlled to match the rest of the location.

In addition to a central museum building you will get the chance to see activities, such as weaving and blacksmithing, performed by workers in traditional outfits from the period.

Afterwards it is just a short walk to the Sound and Calf of Man where a cafe with a great view forms the perfect location for a bite to eat. 

Visitors to the Isle of Man can purchase a Manx National Holiday Pass which gives unlimited entry into all Manx National Heritage attractions for up to 14 days. Click here to buy your Manx National Heritage pass.