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Scarlett Visitor Centre and Nature Trail

During your trip it is likely that you will want to visit one of the most famous heritage sites on the Island, Castle Rushen and, once in Castletown, you and your family will find there is plenty to keep you entertained. If you are looking to enjoy some incredible coastal scenery as well as unique volcanic rock formations the Scarlett Visitor Centre is well worth a visit.

Near to Scarlett Quarry, where the local limestone used in Castletown buildings was sourced, and disused Lime kilns, the visitor centre contains maps, diagrams and information about the fossils, geology and complex ecology of the area.

Outside you will see a range of wildlife including Cormorants, Gulls and Shags. These can be spotted as you travel the trails out from the visitor centre and give you the chance to examine some of the natural rock formations up close. These include the "Stack", a large mass of columnar basalt formed during volcanic activity and another large area of rock formed from volcanic ash.

Afterwards you can head back to town to continue your trip or, alternatively, pop into the nearby Golf course clubhouse for a bite to eat or even a quick round. 

Further information can be found on the Scarlett Visitor Centre website.