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Because the Island benefits from incredibly clean and fresh air thanks to much lower levels of pollution than elsewhere in the British Isles, please ensure you use adequate sun protection; it is very easy to get burnt during a normal day out in the countryside or at the beach and not realise.

Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance in place before you travel to the Isle of Man; VisitIOM.co.uk can provide advice on this if necessary.

Speed Limits and Road Signs

The black and white circular road sign which indicates a speed limit of 70mph on the UK’s roads actually means ‘derestricted speed zone’ in the Island. Although you may drive in excess of 70mph, please be mindful of the fact you are still driving on a public road where there are large numbers of cyclists, motorcyclists, commuters, horse-riders and even wild animals roaming freely in some of the more rural areas.

Parking Restrictions

If you’re parking a car in the Isle of Man in a non-pay zone, you are generally required to display a parking disc. Failure to do so means you’ll be issued with a parking ticket if caught. If you are bringing your own vehicle to the Island, you can obtain a parking disc either on the ferry, at the Sea Terminal building in Douglas or at any police station or Post Office; all hire cars will carry a parking disc as standard.

Part of Douglas Promenade is a two hour restricted zone. Please ensure you park the right way around by reversing in to the spaces as indicated; failure to do this will result in a parking ticket.


Although pre-booking isn’t essential for every excursion or activity you may wish to do whilst in the Isle of Man, it is always recommended to make sure you aren’t disappointed, especially in peak season when demand is at a premium.

Booking for some excursions, such as deep-sea fishing trips, is essential and this is indicated where applicable.

Dress Code

Please bring adequate clothing and footwear for the activities you plan to undertake. Although anything you leave at home can be purchased on the Island, please be mindful of the fact you’re likely to be outdoors and mobile for much of the time; dressing comfortably and practically is essential.

The evening dress code across much of the Island is relaxed and informal; however, some restaurants may require men to dress in long trousers and a shirt during the evening and enforce a smart dress code.