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End to End Walk

The Ramsey Bakery End to End walk is taking place on Sunday the 15th of September 2024.

With great countryside to enjoy on your trip to the Isle of Man, as well as a rich history and culture, you may be content to relax on your holiday. If you prefer a bit more of a challenge however, and are a walking enthusiast, then the End to End walk could be the event you book your trip around.

This annual event in September each year offers a shorter, but still challenging, alternative to the popular Parish Walk. This 39.22 race starts at the very northern Point of Ayre of the Island, and winds its way down the west coast to finish at the Sound.

With the leaders finishing in around 6 and a half hours this race is highly challenging and sets a good pace for anyone with speed walking experience and looking for an excuse to visit the Island. It also offers walkers the perfect opportunity to visit local fitness suppliers such as Up and Running and upgrade to the latest kit or newest shoes.

Further information can be found on the End to End Walk website.